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At Verragamo, we pioneer in producing hand-made glass. Most of the glass ornaments at Verragamo are mouth-blown and as a result, we take full pride in our craftsmanship and individual unique works of our artists.


Verragamo offers top of the line art glass decorations and ornaments since it’s initial establishment in 1991. Nowadays we export our products in more than 20 countries, worldwide.

One of a Kind Production...

Art glass comprises items that are crafted in an artistic fashion, it is artwork that is achieved by specialized glassblowers widely for decorative purposes but often also for prestige outlook. Each item is uniquely crafted, hand-made, and thus all items are one of a kind. Glass production is a process that is extremely delicate and complex, our glassmiths spend long hours designing artwork models and prototypes and even longer hours realizing the designs. At Verragamo, it is our priority that every customer is satisfied with their purchase. We place emphasis on the fact that not a single item is identical to another, all designs or models are authentic and original Verragamo masterpieces, sizes or colors may frequently vary due the nature of manual hand-made glass – this is what makes
Verragamo a Luxury Unique Brand.

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Quick Delivery

We know very well what it feels like to be anxiously waiting for a package that wraps an extraordinary luxurious product which you very much like and want as soon as possible, that’s why we vow to always deliver in the shortest time possible!


At Verragamo, we offer refunds when a customer receives a broken item or, according to the law, in 30 days money back guaranteed!

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Our experts in handmade glass, create only the finest artistic ornaments and decorations to offer you the best from Verragamo Luxury Art Glass!

VERRAGAMO – The Beginning

Verragamo was initially established in 1991, in Dorohoi, Romania, only recently it reestablished its main branch in the capital, Bucharest. In 1992 production was commenced. It took several years for the team to reach utmost excellence in manufacturing and pioneering different designs and art glass masterpieces.

In 1991, initial prototypes based on the Venetian style, Murano were crafted, and shortly after, styles such as the French Art Nouveau were adopted and crafted.

Since then Verragamo is producing handmade art glass which is nowadays exported to more than 20 countries.

Core principles.

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